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34.    Unnava Gopu.

35.    Maddi Malln.

36.    Bollepalli Singarayya.

37.    Anibarasa.

38.    Cmtalacemi Yellhiedn.

39.    Bnkkaya Tininia.

40.    Cintalaeerla Xayadiu

41.    Adnsnpcdi Raraaya.

42.    Adnsupali Kasvi Nedu.
4B.    Parvata llacana.

Of these 43 chiefs, the first seven were killed in the battle,
.nd the rest took to their heels. Timraa Nayadu massacred
heir followers and plundered their camp. Much booty fell
nto his hands. As he was unwilling to continue the massacre
>f the Seeing forces of the enemy, he gave an order for blowing
:he trumpet of charity \dharwad5ra)* on the border of Dupadn
.n the neighbourhood of Markapur fort. This act is said to
lave been witnessed by the Grods of SrlSaila and Ahobala,
V'irabhadra of Mallapnra, the dancing Tripnra of IrngnlasSni,
the Gnndlakamma near the village of Renugu, Bhairava of the
Taraka Hill, and the Tank of Tenunguraya.

Mac. Mss. 15-4-3, pp. 124-9.

By the grace of that king (Acyuta), Nanjarasn Timma of
Kandacaram (the military stores department), obtained renowa
and prosperity.

One day that minister haying attended the conrt of
Acyutadevaraya, the sovereign of the earth that was bounded
by the four seas, returned and held a durbar at his residence
attended by all his relations, learned men, poets, Vandis and
Magadhas, songsters and dancing women living in the capital

the trumpet blown on the battle-field as a  signal for stopping t&ct
slaogfcter of the enemy by tie TOtox.